Introducing the Stand-Up Desk from our new Whitney Collection

We recently created a Stand-up Desk for a client and in the process of doing the research determined that it would be a great product to offer on a regular basis. This black walnut and steel piece was created from a team of two designers, an engineer, welder, and a carpenter. We teamed up with Tyson & Gable of Petrified Designs for our new ergonomic, functional creation. Its classic lines of the wood desktop combined with the steel legs give it a Urban-Rustic look.

The sturdy metal legs are adjustable for someone from 5′ tall to 6’6″ tall.

We were also influenced by the various discussions that focused on health and the ergonomics of workspaces, here are a couple of articles to consider:

The top hinges to reveal a large compartment – you can either use your laptop on top of the desk or you can store it in this compartment and use a wireless mouse and keyboard for the ultimate clean look.

There is a compartment accessible from the top (back) where the power strip is built-in and there is plenty of room for other cords and adapters. Access holes in the back of the main compartment and in the back allow for cables to be run through the desk without being seen.

These feet provide excellent stability.

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