Retail Space in Austin

Retail Space in Austin

Mockingbird Domestics 2151 S. Lamar

The Mockingbird has found her nest! We are excited to announce that we found our brick-and-mortar space for our new retail store. We are going into the old American Propane building at 2151 South Lamar. The “Daily’s” (the previous owners of the building) ran the propane company and early on, a TV and appliance shop out of the space since the early 1960’s. Now the “Daly’s” are moving in with Mockingbird Domestics and bringing a new era of furniture design to the space with locally created pieces from what we opinion as the most talented craftsmen in Texas.

The new building owner is renovating the space and it is targeted to be ready by July. We created a 3D conceptual model of the space and you can see a virtual walk through on youtube.

We are making our plans now, so stay tuned…

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