Stylist Outdoor Living – Austin Woman

AW’s guide to color balance for your summer spaces.
By Ricky Rodriguez, photos by Elizabeth Shear
From bold blues to sunny yellows, this season’s color trends for outdoor living are inspired by all things summer. The art of balancing color can be a difficult task, as summer, more than any other season, thrives on brilliant color. Too much color variation can overwhelm a living area, creating sensory overload, while monochromatic color palettes can be a bit boring. Choosing pieces that are neutral in color such as white, brown and blue creates perfect backdrops for brilliant pops of color.When in doubt, think neutral and follow the 60-30-10 rule, which suggests that 60 percent of a space should stay neutral while 30 should boast a secondary color. The remaining 10 percent of a space provides subtle pops of explosive color, creating color balance that is interesting to the eye.The 60-30-10 rule was put to the test at the home of AW Media’s associate editor. This gorgeous multi-level outdoor oasis boasts amazing views of Austin’s Eastside. Mockingbird Domestics provided some wonderful furniture pieces and accessories that help create the perfect eclectic summer look.

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