Top 10 reasons for South Lamar

We picked our South Lamar location because of the vibe that is is created by the great eating and entertainment places like the ones that are listed in our countdown of the top 10. 

#10.  for a throw back to the 60’s for bowling and bellying up to the bar.

#9.  some of the best live music in Austin.

#8.  great outdoor bar area.

#7.  two-steppin’ till wee hours.

#6.  Chef James Holmes is continually creative.


PTerry’s and Torchy’s tied. It’s basically a choice between the best chicken sandwich or a fabulous taco.

#4.  Alamo Drafthouse for dinner, drinks, and a movie all in one place.

#3.  small plates, unbelievable taste combinations.

#2.  best sushi anywhere.

#1. Anthony is on to something! The flavors are unique and fresh.

If the top 10 wasn’t enough for South Lamar, here’s a list of others…

See for more information on the 40+ businesses in the South Lamar Independent Business District

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