Art and Motherhood, Austin Chronicle


Art and Motherhood on the West Austin Studio Tour
Four WEST exhibitors reveal how their work is informed by being a mom
By Caitlin Greenwood, Fri. May 8, 2015

Laura Daly

Mockingbird Domestics is an Austin family affair, led by the husband-and-wife team of Laura and Jeff Daly. It is a store that not only strives for familiar charm but also offers its customers a well-curated environment, an attribute for which Laura is largely responsible. She is the store’s co-founder and also helps manage the team (which includes daughters Allison and Katie), hand-selects the inventory, and curates the art shown.

Austin Chronicle: Mockingbird Domestics sits right at the crosshairs of design, art, and home furnishings. How do you personally feel connected to the work?

Laura Daly: Our intent was to engage our love for making furniture and pair it with our passion for artisanal-made home goods. Our goal is to bring joy and richness to both the shopping experience and the home where these objects ultimately reside. Personally being able to design, collaborate with creative souls, and share the artists’ collection [gives] me joy and fulfillment.

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