3 Designer Trends for 2016

Most of the Mockingbird Domestics Furniture pieces are tailored styles from Our Designs. We periodically meet with professional designers to design and build custom pieces. Here are a few custom designs delivered so far in 2016 and the 3 design trends we have observed.


Oval Black Lab and Steel Dining Table. A collaboration with Tim Cuppett Architects, Austin.

#1) Oval Dining Tables

A soft line in a contemporary space gently guiding the eye. The black lab top on patent black steel base achieves a polished look. Affectionately nicknamed the Mercury table.

60×60 inch waterfall oak coffee table design with Mark Ashby Designs, Austin.

#2) Waterfall Table Ends

Mockingbird is building several waterfall consoles, benches and coffee tables in 2016. The grain match detail and elegant line are timeless. See our Brass and Walnut Waterfall Console for a tailored style.

A steel bench with a woven climbing rope seat. A commissioned piece designed with Jordan Madison, Dallas.

#3) Exaggerated Texture

Thick static climbing rope was used to weave this 60 inch long steel bench seat. Fitting material for an active climbing gym. The large woven texture is seen in seats and chair frames lately. The design element is interesting to touch and feel. Mockingbird’s tailored See Saw Side Tables are another example of large texture.

The trends influence our modern classic style here in the MBD showroom and workshop. We enjoy working with the trade, designers and architects. For more information, please visit Commercial Work at MockingbirdDomestics.com.



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