Quick Guide: Mesquite

Mesquite is a very hard wood. Mockingbird Domestics in Austin, Texas builds furniture in hardwoods like walnut, pecan and oak. Mesquite surpasses these domestic woods on the hardness scale.


A recent addition to our showroom collection, this Mockingbird Made Mesquite Disk Coffee Table is a show stopper. The wild organic shape has been preserved. We estimate the cross cut hardwood top to be over 500 years old.

We knew this piece of hardwood was old when we selected it. An article from Rockler was brought to our attention: Mesquite Burl Pulls Down Record-Setting Large Tree For Unique Lumber. The article inspired us to share our unique piece too.


Photo: Wasowski, Sally and Andy – A Western Mesquite from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center catalog.

According to TexasAlmanac.com, ‘The ubiquitous mesquite grows — nay, flourishes — on at least one-third of the land area of the state; that is, on more than 56 million of Texas’ 167.5 million acres of land, from the Rio Grande to the Panhandle, across Central and North Central Texas, and into much of West Texas. Mesquite grows in all regions of the state except the East Texas Piney Woods. Of all the mesquite in the United States, 76 percent grows in Texas.’

Mesquite tree trunks typically do not get very large. The plant usually grows from a central trunk into a reaching shrub. It is rare to find a cross cut piece this wide.


Our mesquite disk is measuring 36-40″ wide. The depth gives us an idea of how old this tree is. The rings do too of course. You are welcome to come count the many rings on this coffee table in our South Austin location.



Mesquite BBQ is part of the Texas diet. The mesquite wood adds flavor to the grill. Here at the Mockingbird Workshop in Austin, the team is grilling with mesquite wood scraps from another mesquite project for a Friday lunch. Hamburgers and Sausages this week. True BBQ another time.

Mesquite Disk-3

Visit Our Collection at MockingbirdDomestics.com for photos of natural edge pecan or walnut consoles and dining tables. For more information on our natural edge pieces, please contact Mockingbird Domestics by phone or email.


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