Mockingbird Domestics was created to provide fine-crafted, modern-classic styled elements for your beautiful living space. From a variety of locally made home accessories, to the curated collaborative artisan collection, to the Mockingbird designed items, you’ll find something inspiringly unique.

If there’s something that’s not quite the right size for your needs, we’ll make one just for you. While tailor-made sounds expensive, it’s not, we only make what our customers need.

We are different from the traditional furniture market. We’ve found that our customer favor locally sourced high quality materials, authentic results, and timely, exceptional designs. We don’t use foreign labor and materials, ship items around the world, pay middlemen, or maintain large inventories. As a result our customers don’t pay for simulated finishes, unnecessary overhead for transportation and storage, and aged designs. Bottom line, we focus on providing our customers with the most essential value.

At Mockingbird, since we design local, make local, and leverage technology, our items are typically produced within weeks. Whether it’s modern farm, mid-century modern, or urban rustic, we strive to keep our designs fresh. By cultivating the collaboration of design with making, our pieces are beautiful and practical. We love to use our beautiful regional materials – pecan, walnut, cypress, pine, and cherry – that truly reflect our surroundings. Our local craftsmen are all unique and our goal is to match their style and talent with the specific need, to create well built, intellectually tested products.

We are a resource for a carefully selected collection of contemporary to traditional paintings, prints, rugs, and accessories produced by local artisans. Our selection changes often, please visit our Austin store regularly. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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